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    We got a bottle of this last time we got a pedicure and we can’t think how well it works. We have taken lamisil (perscription for fungus) for 2 years and you aren’t expected to take it long due to the fact that it’s hard on your liver or something. Never ever did clear up all the fungus. The gal who offered us a pedicure recommended this and we have utilized one bottle (. 67 fluid ounces) and the fungus is gone. We were happy to find it here at due to the fact that it’s a little less expensive. And we wish to continue utilizing it so the fungus does not return. It’s an excellent product.

    Functions good. Not an overnight solution – for us it took 6 months to clean up the condition. Throughout which we attempted a number of other options only to go back to vite 20.

    Our toe nail and fingernail remained in the procedure of falling off. Both would hurt and were discusting to take a look at. This product worked right away. We work on a regular basis and we use if whenever fungus flairs up.

    Mommy purchased this for us simply in case we required it one day. We did and this is the replacement. Simply use it a couple times on your nails (on top, at cuticle and under toe nail. Functions great.

    This is the very best nail fungus product in the market. We ve utilized other comparable over-the-counter medications and absolutely nothing compares.

    We were provided this product by a nail professional at a hair salon. It was utilized by a partner of mine and we are nurse and understand that antifungals are really time consuming and seldom work. However this one did. And now that the nail beauty salon has closed, and we have another pal who has a fungal issue, we might not find the vite’ 20 other than on. We are so delighted.

    We understood we were having nail issues however didn’t understand that the cause was a fungus. The service technician who did our pedicure informed us it was a fungus and offered us this product from the beauty salon. We liked the way it worked however it was too costly to keep purchasing it from the beauty salon so we began purchasing it through at approximately half the beauty salon rate. We have been utilizing it consistently and we love the pink, fresh looking nail that is growing out to change the yellowing and falling apart impacted nail. We want it smelled better, however we have seen all antifungals smell bad. This one has a great applicator pointer to get in all the little crevices quickly.

    Fantastic product.

    The vite 20 antifungal cream works. We would suggest to everybody. You do not require to place on daily, only up until you clean up.

    We have utilized this product prior to and it’s terrific. It’s a product that works simply as well some of the prescription medications.

    We dose what it stated it would. Great which other products didn’t doal andreozzwe of palm harbor fla. Where your feet and hand are allway damp.

    This cream is conquering our nail’s fungus.

    We attempted numerous things, consisting of lamisil cream which worked ok however was outlined this from a new nailtech It works. It takes a while for the nail to grow out however it does work. The rate is better than we might find just about anywhere else. A pointer. Beware in heat specifically using athletic shoe. Our toe fungus is called the florida curse.

    We were informed that the toe nail issue we had might only be treated with a pill that was really harmful for our liver in addition to being costly. We utilized this product 1-2 times a day for numerous months and it cleaned up our toe nail. It might not get rid of the issue completely, however it does enhance the look. Our toe nails look normal now. We continue to use it occasionally to prevent it from returning.

    We found out about vite 20 from our medical professional. He had another client who had attempted it for a toe nail fungus infection and he was impressed by the outcomes. We had attempted numerous other solutions and absolutely nothing appeared to enhance the condition of our toe nails at all. Vite 20 had them looking much healthier within a week, and was the only location we found it for sale.

    We were informed by mother, how was informed by some woman that have fungs issues to use this. She informed us hers was bad. We need to admit our it’s bad, well it sought utilizing it, now we have seen outcomes, however we been utilizing it on and off due to utilizing falsies sometimes. We need to cut our nails all the way down. And begin utilizing this. Still desire something that can eliminate this issue for good.

    For unidentified factors, we started establishing a fungus probem with our toe nails. When having a pedicure, this product was recommended and it worked marvels. At the beauty salon it was practically double the rate we found on line at so have purchased it through and continue utilizing it for over a year. Issue resolved. Lesson discovered; constantly inspect prior to buy otc.

    Simply got today. This is a good product for people that have suffer with finger nail concerns, we are enjoying it deal with a pal. No not whatever works for everybody however this is certainly worth a shot.

    This cream works. All you got ta do is use it daily. 3 times a day isbetter One small drop and massage it and prior to you understand it, it’s gone. It simply depends upon how far the fungal infection has gone. Use this first for 6 months and if you do not see any differance then see your medical professional for the pill. Have been offering this to our customers for years and everybody has had good outcomes.

    As it was not for us we have absolutely nothing to state. Our pal states that this cream is the very best there is. We offered four stars only becuase we need to count on other viewpoint.

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