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Waterjel Bacitracin Zinc Triple Antibiotic Ointment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Waterjel Bacitracin Zinc Triple Antibiotic Ointment.

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  • Made by Waterjel
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • It utilized to prevent infection for minor cuts, burns, and scrapes
  • It contains bacitracin zinc

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Waterjel Bacitracin Zinc Triple Antibiotic Ointment.
Waterjel triple antibiotic ointment contains bacitracin zinc. It utilized to prevent infection for minor cuts, burns and scrapes. This three-in-one antibiotic is packaged in a 0.9 grams system dose package for private application without cross-contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Waterjel Bacitracin Zinc Triple Antibiotic Ointment.

Question Question 1

Does This Product Contain Petrolatum In It?

Yes, the non-active active ingredient is petrolatum.

Question Question 2

What Are The Measurements Of Each Private Package? We Are Attempting To Fit This In A First Aid Kit And Required To Know The Size.?

2.5 inch by 1.25 inch,.5 grams of ointment in each package. Hope that assists.

Question Question 3

What Is The Expiration Date On This Product?

Hi Frank. The box we purchased some months back reveals an expiration date of 02/2017 we believe we purchased mine, perhaps 6 months back? Hey there Frank. The box we purchased some months back reveals an expiration date of 02/2017 we believe we purchased mine, perhaps 6 months back?The box we bought contains 144 separately sealed packages. More than we will ever use.we do not understand if it can be found in a tube or a small box of packages?Questions, here’s their 800-275-3433 Hope this assists.

Question Question 4

Does This Product Contain Neoourcin? Insee Only Bacitracin Zinc Noted In The Description However That’S Only 1 Representative And It’S Noted As “Triple”.?

Yes, Active Ingredients – each gram contains: Bacitracin Zinc 400 systems, Neoourcin sulfate 5mg equiv to 3.5 mg neoourcin base, Polyourxin B sulfate 5000 systems. Non-active petrolatum.per the Product packaging

Question Question 5

What Is The Rack Life Or Expiration Date?

The expiration dating from date of production is 36 months.

Question Question 6

Is The Ointment Petroleum Based (Greasy)?. Or Water Based?

Petroleum based like name brand and generic neoourcin triple antibiotic ointment.

Question Question 7

What Is The Expiration Of This Product?

It’s going to depend upon the manufacture date.we have Lot D719, which ends 09/2019

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Waterjel Bacitracin Zinc Triple Antibiotic Ointment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Plus no more issues about sharing a large tube with somebody who didn’t wash their hands (gross. ). No reasons now not to put an antibiotic ointment on those nasty scrapes at the play ground, or over a scab that you keep forgetting to dress effectively. These packages suit our handbag, diaper bag, restroom vanity and knapsack, in addition to in all our emergency treatment kits with *** no leak ***. Our young kids can open them quickly and care for their own injuries (or a brother or sister or buddy’s) too now. We have utilized these for years. Excellent product. We want they were still offered through’s subscribe & conserve program.

Check Out that this is the very same professional antibiotic utilized by the armed force. The packages are ideal one- time application and can be found in small easy to tear open envelopes no requirement to touch the ointment, simply capture onto the wound. We keep a number of in our handbag for emergency situation use. The product likewise appears to quicken healing and stops minor bleeding as quickly as used.

We bring these all over with us and likewise in our desk, you never ever understand when you will require something for a cut.

We keep a few of these in every bag we use (purse, treking pack, and so on ), they frequently can be found in convenient. There’s a enough in each sachet to smear a good sized scrape.

These work terrific each time somebody gets a cut we use this so it remain clean and does not get worst prior to we use these we clean the cut then use this after putting this on we wrap it to keep dirt out of it. Anybody that utilizes this need to do the very same the cost is good for the amount you get this is better then getting something in a tube due to the fact that tube of medications can get dirt on the leading witch then can get in the cut.

We love the way the product works, and we love the single use product packaging. We position these all over your home and in the automobiles so that we constantly have them convenient. Our kids like that it does not sting.

This things works. Our relative believes it s better than that call brand neosporin. Great for taking a trip and good cost.

Our skin was struggling with allergies. We smoothed this on and right away our skin calmed down and stopped itching. The tightness disappeared and our skin felt unwinded. We like the private packages for easy transportation in our handbag. Each package brings enough for our requirements.

We keep these all over the location, restroom, automobile, travel kit, tool kit. Essentially just about anywhere we keep a band aid hassle-free single use size, do not 3 various open tubes of antibiotic cream and it works well.

We buy this for prepping our emergency situation kit. We needed to check out what it does and its better than neosporin. And double prescription antibiotics.

Perfect to bring in your handbag constantly ready. Likewise have them in every restroom kitchen area and garage. Do not need to have a large tube takes no area. We simply put in the bandaid box so they are completely. Love the size no mess or waste.

Very little to state about this product, however it’s light and compact and it’s ideal for restocking our emergency treatment kit. Historically, we have simply changed emergency treatment kits when things like this ran out, however for a few dollars, we got a box of these and now we have some in our glovebox in our automobile, in our backpack, in our flight bag, and so on You never ever understand when you’ll get a cut or scrape and they’re hassle-free to have around. Besides, as a kid scout and a qualified first responder, we are the one people rely on when they’re looking for something in a pinch.

These packages offer a terrific way to be prepared while not using up a great deal of space for needed products in case of emergency situation scenarios. Likewise, it’s better to have private packages rather than a big open container that can run the risk of consistent direct exposure to air and impurities that can reduce the efficiency of this product. Easy to get a few packages to keep convenient.

More Affordable in the 144 pack than it remains in a tube. The reward is the small packages can be positioned in restrooms, kitchen areas, automobiles, med kits, bags, pockets, and so on The large tubes constantly appear to establishes holes in the product packaging.

Really helpful separately packaged antiseptic gel. We use these for our horse when he cuts himself. Fast healing and easy to open.

We dislike neosporin and it appears that we are not adverse this kind of product. We likewise like the. 5gm bundle, no waste and if you have any left over you will not feel so bad tossing it away.

Could not find in shops and mored than happy to find on. Precisely what emergency situation center utilized. Functions terrific to combat infections.

This has been the best. Our physician recommended it for dry nose from utilizing a cpap.

Perfect to include our handbag, beach bag, camping bag, emergency treatment kit. We even took some to church for their emergency situation kits.

Bit smaller sized plans than we anticipated however our company believe its sufficient. Will buy once again.

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