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Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief – Fast Acting – Anti Itch – Insect Bite Treatment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief – Fast Acting – Anti Itch – Insect Bite Treatment.

  • OUTDOOR INSECT BITE RELIEF: Those pesky pests keeping you from delighting in the outdoors? Don t scratch it, ZAP- IT. With ZAP- IT it s as easy as 5 easy clicks, and the desire to itch is gone. No unpleasant creams, oily sprays, or sticky surface areas- simply click and go.
  • QUICK & EASY MOSQUITO BITE RELIEF: Don t get decreased by the irritation of scratching and itching bug bites, ZAP- IT utilizes ingenious innovation to remove the itch by increasing blood circulation to the bug bite which considerably reduces the histamines in the location that trigger you to itch.
  • PRACTICAL BRING: The ZAP- IT is ideal for any celebration, it is only 2 inches high and quickly suits a pocket or on a keychain. The ZAP- IT comes with a hassle-free bring keyring to place on your keychains or knapsack, making it the ultimate on- the- go bug bite relief gadget.
  • HIKING & OUTDOOR CAMPING CONVENIENT: Going on a hiking or outdoor camping journey? The practical size of the ZAP- IT, and the inconvenience- free application strategy makes it the ideal buddy for any outdoor lover.
  • ZAP- IT.: Is entirely safe for everybody, with ENDURING relief, NO toxic substances, INGENIOUS innovations to stop the itch. You put on t requirement to fret about whether your kids can use them, the response is YES.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief – Fast Acting – Anti Itch – Insect Bite Treatment.
Read more Quick & Easy The ZAP- IT Pro is a small mosquito itch relief gadget that is 2″ in length, making it the perfect size for traveling anywhere. All it takes is five clicks to relief the itch. No battery required No toxic chemicals Clinically proven Safe for kids DON’T Scratch it. ZAP-IT. Soothes Inflammation & Prevents The Urge To Itch ZAP-IT will reduce the itch associated with mosquito bites. This device works by applying a small electrical discharge which inhibits histamine release – less histamine means less itching and swelling. The ZAP-IT is completely safe for everyone, with LASTING relief, NO toxins, INNOVATIVE technologies, and a REUSABLE casing. You don t need to worry about whether or not your kids can use them, the answer is YES. Good for 1,000 uses – Based on 5 clicks per bite FDA Approved Class II Medical Device Doctor Approved Includes keychain ring Specifications: 2″ Tall Compact and quickly portable Read more Read more About ZAP- IT. Small & Lightweight With the essential ring, you won t need to fret about keeping in mind to bring your ZAP- IT to your outdoor occasions. Simply clip it on and go, it s as easy as that. FDA Approved Our ZAP- ITs are fully FDA approved. This guarantees the quality and requirement of our medical gadget for your total comfort. Essential For Outdoor Activities ZAP- IT was developed for the daily traveler. Take it with your or connect it to your hiking, fishing, searching, or sporting occasion devices, so you always remember. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief – Fast Acting – Anti Itch – Insect Bite Treatment.

Question Question 1

How Does This Work? What Does It Really Do? No Batteries?

You hold it over the bite and press the button, it strikes the bite with something that appears like a small electrical power charge.Could be a placebo impact, however we did scratch less. Here is what their site states: “ZapIt works by the rapid expansion and contraction of crystals that takes place when you press the activating b You hold it over the bite and push the button, it hits the bite with something that looks like a small electricity charge.Could be a placebo effect, but we did scratch less. Here is what their website says: ” ZapIt works by the rapid growth and contraction of crystals that happens when you push the triggering button. This produces a safe impulse, comparable in impact to a moderate fixed electrical power charge.” https://www.ourzapit.com/howitworks.html

Question Question 2

Advertisement States It Is Good For A 1000 Bites. Is That 1000’S Of Bites, Or Does It Break After 1000 Bites?

Mine simply quit working and we would state it worked as promoted for 1000 clicks.

Question Question 3

Has Anybody Attempted This Particularly On Chigger Bites?

Not particularly in chigger bites however works well mosquito, spider and midget bites

Question Question 4

Is This United States Shipped Or Does It Come From China.?

Our stock is delivered from storage facilities in the USA

Question Question 5

Would Those Long-term Hair Removers Do The Exact Same Thing? Mine Provides A Little Shock However We Don’T Learn about The Stimulating.?

we are not exactly sure, you can attempt it if you get a bug bite or spider bite.If it shocks do it numerous times, in some cases it takes 10 to 15 zaps.

Question Question 6

Does This Only Work If You Zap Instantly After Being Bitten, Or Will It Deal With Day Old Bites?

Our gadget deals with both new and old bug bites. Just zap the bite 5 times anytime you feel the bug bite start to itch.

Question Question 7

Does The Bottom Have Holes Where Something Must Come Out?Mine Has Little Plastic Bubbles Over Each Location. Uncertain If It’S Expected To ??

It s expected to be like that. It provides a shock. we put on t believe it works. A535, bengay or any menthol creams work better then anything else. This might work for you however not me. Absolutely nothing is physically injected. No holes or pricks.

Question Question 8

Where Is It Really Produced?

This product is produced in China.

Question Question 9

Are You Expected To Put The Part With The Bumps On The Bite? No Zap It Logo Design On It Either.Only On The Product Packaging?

The 2 bumps on the bottom are put on the bite. You then push the button four or 5 times. The minor charge released serve as a anti- histamine which stops the itch and can reduce swelling. Zap-It is most effective the earlier you use it. The 2 bumps on the bottom are put on the bite. You then push the button four or 5 times. The minor charge released serve as a anti- histamine which stops the itch and can reduce swelling. Zap-It is most effective the earlier you use it.It can be utilized once again if the itch returns.

Question Question 10

The Chart Reveals SimilarProducts Consisting Of The “Bug Bite Thing” Revealing It Isn’TReusable However The Bug Bute Thing Is A Reusable SuctionCup Why?

This product is for bug bites.It stops the itching.There is no suction cup.And it s good for 1000 zaps.

Question Question 11

Can You Zap A Zit With This?

We use zap for all sorts of bites consisting of scorpion and bee stings.Works well.

Question Question 12

How Effective Is The Shock?

The shock is minimal and so is any factor to use it. It does not work.

Question Question 13

Has Anybody Wsed This On Fire Ant Bites?

Yes and it works terrific. Reduces the effects of the bitewe asked a medical type how this works and didn’t comprehend the response. Feel in one’s bones it does work

Question Question 14

The One We Got Does Not Have Zap It Text OnIt We Likewise Don’T See Holes, However 2 Plastic Bumps – Do We Have A Knock Off Or An Altered Variation?

we believe you might have another version.we do not understand from here. The wipes work better anyways. Attempt BUG X30 wipes they work terrific.

Question Question 15

Is The Gadget Safe For People With Speed- Maker Fitted?

Not ideal for those fitted with a heart pacemaker

Question Question 16

Can We Use It For Bee Stings? Thank You.?

we have utilized it for ALL stings. Work terrific for us. we constantly have it with me. we reside in the south and we certainly have bugs

Question Question 17

Does This Actually Work?

Yes, if you use it within a minute of the bite.So far, the only thing we found it does not deal with are flea bites.

Question Question 18

Can This Product Be Utilized Effectively On Pet Dogs For Flea Bites?

It most likely can, however we are quite sure the electric shock -while extremely small- would terrify the pet.

Question Question 19

The One We Got Does Not Have Zap It Text OnIt We Likewise Don’T See Holes, However 2 Plastic Bumps – Do We Have A Knock Off Or An Altered Variation?

Location the bumps once again not the bite and press the button. You will need to push the button a few times for relief. You ll understand when you have zapped the bite enough.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief – Fast Acting – Anti Itch – Insect Bite Treatment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We reside in florida where we have mosquitos. For twenty years we would put ice on our bites for a minute or 2 and that would eliminate the itch for an about an hour. That’s not constantly practical, particularly when the itching wakes us up in the middle of the night. Now, we we simply click it 5-10 times with this gadget and the itch disappears immediately. In some cases we require to deal with the very same bite a 2nd and even a 3rd time prior to the bite disappears for good, however that’s no big offer since it is so easy. We never ever need to scratch a bite once again. They do not get as inflamed and they do not leave any scab. We love this little thing.

Mosquitoes consume us up and we are typically scratching till we bleed. The zap- it. Actually works. 3 to 5 clicks and no more itch. It likewise deals with tick bites however in some cases takes more than one session. Do not understand about durability, have only had about 3 weeks, however even if it only lasted another week – we would buy anotherone It considers that much relief. Does not deal with suction, so do not understand what that has to do with. If you’re troubled by bites – attempt this. It works.

We never ever anticipated this to work. When we purchased it, we had simply been bitten up by mosquitoes and was low- essential desperate. We purchased this, a suction- y thing, and a few kinds of repellent. Over the next week or two, we attempted whatever out (mosquitoes are daily annoyance here in texas, y all). This zapper was the only thing worth keeping. We are really stunned at how well this thing works, and we want we would understood about it earlier. We purchased additionals so we constantly have one close by, and some for pals and family.

We are super sensitive to bug bites and we get them more than anybody else we understand. Mosquitoes constantly appear to get us in the evening while we are sleeping, so we are gotten up by extreme itching. The crazy irritation would last for over a week and continuously wake us up in the evening. The location would end up being inflamed and red and the redness would spread out, even if we were strong enough to not scratch. We have attempted topical creams, allergy tablets, heat, calamine lotion, and natural home remedy like baking soda. The majority of them were worthless; the others were only somewhat handy at reducing the irritation. We arbitrarily found this product on and, given that absolutely nothing else was extremely handy, we were exceptionally doubtful. After utilizing it on about 10 bites, we can’t even think our luck at encountering this thing. As quickly as we understand we have been bitten, we do 5 zaps on the bite, wait 5 or two minutes, and the itching is gone. It’s never ever an irreversible repair, however it does last through the night so we can in fact get some sleep and not be tired the next day. As quickly as it begins itching once again, 5 more zaps, and we are good to go for some time. We perhaps use it 3- 5 times on a bite daily. Rather of dreadful irritation for over a week, we get itchy a few times a day for typically less than four days– and all without the location swelling. The only thing we are not exactly sure about is that it states it’s good for 1000 bites. We have not had the ability to find anything about the number of zaps they set aside for one bite. We most likely need to zap a minimum of 80 times prior to the bite stops itching, however zap- it has seriously been a life saver and we will be purchasing more since we never ever wish to be bitten without it.

When you reside in fl in what was formerly “mosquito county” you get bit year around. Obviously we are particularly tasty to mosquitoes. We got the one promoted on shark tank that draws out the bite venom, and saw this one too. This one works better – particularly if you zap it immediately when it begins itching. Strike it about 5 times. If it itches later on, zap it once again for 5 times. The sly devils like to bite in locations we can’t reach on the back of our arms, and so on. So it is challenging to got those spots on our own. Our partner likes zapping me. This is small – it has a crucial chain accessory – it is small enough to continue a crucial chain. We might still require to deal with the bite with some after bite or hydrocortozone however we are extremely adverse mosquitoes and a bite typically inflates to the size of a quarter, takes 10 days to give up itching, and turns all red. This stops all that. We do not understand if we simply have the wimpy winter season mosquitoes now or the zapping repairs it, however up until now so good. We might get some more as presents and to keep helpful.

We love this little person. And it is little. Tiny and compact. We are exceptionally unfortunate because we get definitely consumed alive by mosquitos. We reside in the midwest and they can get quite bad here throughout the summertime- particularly right prior to sundown. We purchased this since it looks like no matter what insect repellent we use (we have attempted whatever from home made with essential oils to the badly harmful things with deet, even avon’s skin so soft) none of it works for us. A minimum of if we can’t keep them from biting us we can keep the itching at bay later on. We attempt to use the zap it right after we get a bite. In which case it keeps us from itching. However we do not constantly have it on us so when we enter we will offer each bite 5- 6 clicks. It relieves it immediately- it practically seems like you’re scratching it. We extremely suggest this product for adults. We purchased it hoping that we might use it on our kids however the zap terrifies them – which is why we are providing it 4 rather of 5 stars.

Evaluation for zap- it, published july,2015 When we get a mosquito bite, we typically would get an inflamed, extremely itchy bump that lasted about 4 days and drove us insane. We have attempted numerous topical creams and creams and they do not work for us. We acquired 2 of the zap- it’s practically 2 years back, we believe oct.2013 We didn’t use the zap- it much last summertime b/c we didn’t get numerous bites. However this summertime, 2015, we have gotten some bites, and have had a possibility to attempt this thing. And it works well. The bites stopped itching, and we didn’t get the inflamed, itchy bumps. The zap- it is a little uncomfortable to use. You hold the suggestion of the gadget on the bite on your skin, and you squeeze the trigger/button about 5-10 times quickly. A good idea about the zap- it is that it’s small and light- weight. Formerly, we had the “blue mouse” device. It had a pointer that got hot – you used the suggestion to your bite. The blue mouse worked well – the bites stopped itching and didn’t inflate – however then, regrettably, the blue mouse simply quit working – the suggestion didn’t fume anymore We think it was “disposable. ” after that we had gotten a number of other devices that dealt with the very same extremely- hot- suggestion concept. They worked well, too, till they quit working. The zap- it triggers little stimulates. We feel a really small sting however it does not trouble me. We believe the stimulates de- trigger the chemical in the insect’s saliva which remains in your skin; we believe it’s this chemical that some people respond to with swelling and itching. With the blue mouse, the hot suggestion shut down the chemical (we believe). So we are purchasing another zap- it to have as a back- up, and we hope they continue to make them. We love the summer, and we wish to enjoy it, and to not fret about experiencing mosquito bites. We are likewise looking into bug sprays tonight on, and ideally we will find something good.

We had our doubts, however it works. Some bites stopped itching right away. For others, the itching didn’t disappear right away, however the swelling decreased rapidly and the itching disappeared in a few hours rather of a few days. We utilized stingeze to control the preliminary itching in those cases– it worked however only after we electrocuted the mosquito bite.

It s good that it s small (you might put it on your essential chain for easy gain access to). We offered it to our child who has a bad response to mosquito bites she believed it assisted however has only utilized it when up until now and the bite had to do with an hour old. It offers a small shock does not have suction.

We are soooo delighted we found this to require to a 3 week journey to se asia. It was a life saver and assists stop you from itching your mosquito bites. We use around 5- 6 clicks per bite and then reapply if it gets itchy once again, typically since we brushed or touched the bite which reactivated its irritant effects. We will permanently keep this on hand for mosquito bites.

Chuckled when a pal had this on them at the beach. The electric zaps are extremely small, however trigger the blood to stream to that location and the bite to in fact stop itching and the swelling. Genius things. They work for a long time too. We had severeal bites on our face (and forehead) that we typically flinch when we see how ludicrous we look. We zapped them, and like magic within 5 minutes they were diminished.

Fantastic little gadget to “scratch” the itch without needing to scratch it. We utilized this in thailand and it worked quite well if we discover a bite and have not scratched it yet. We have allergies to mosquito bites and when we zapped a bite that we had not scratched yet, it assisted the desire and our bite recovered extremely rapidly. We likewise attempted to zap one that had currently responded, which didn’t work effectively. We didn’t anticipate it to deal with that one and it didn’t make it even worse. All in all, a good purchase.

You need to click 5- 8 times, rearrange it a bit and click 5- 8 more times once again. Some bug bites take 3- 4 rounds of this. Simply alter the position somewhat to get all angles of the bite. After about 30 seconds or two, you ll find that the itching does undoubtedly disappear. For those stating there s no electrical charge – there most certainly is: we ate straight above a bone in the top of our foot. Whenever we zapped it, we might feel the charge shooting throughout the top of our foot. Whoops. Oh well, worth it to stop the itch.

It’s ok. It’s not as good as the one we purchased in australia 20 years back. That one has small metal prongs– this is plastic. We do not understand why they are so hard to find in the usa. They work well. So we enjoy we might find one at all.

Our teenaged child learnt more about this product while on a cross- nation journey this previous summertime where she invested numerous nights camping outdoors. When she got home, she insisted we purchaseone This is really an excellent product. It reduces itching from any insect bite and even deals with fire ant bites. Absolutely one of the very best purchases we have made.

Fantastic product for those with an extreme allergy like me. We utilized this product when taking a trip to egypt, where the mosquitoes had boots on they were so big. This product dealt with large contaminated bites, and fixed the irritation practically quickly. Would suggest this product to anybody.

We have one in our camp first aid bag our 11 years of age kid scout child has one in his toiletry bag also and he likes it. We have utilized mine on celebration. As pesty and frustrating as mosquito’s are to me. We do more for prevention of them than he selects too. We are everything about preventative maintenance. Lol for those hardly ever bites that we have had, the ones that itch badly particularly when scratched this product with a half lots clicks has made us forget scratching. We think we am sign up with to bump it up another star.

We do not comprehend, however it works. For bad spider bites we take benadryl, use the zapper, then put cortisone 10 on. Without the zapper absolutely nothing works.

We believe we might have been a mosquito god in our previous life (draws, we understand). Mosquitos simply tend to kiss (bite) our legs in spite of any kind of mosquito repellent utilized. Heck, mosquitos bite us even if we are using trousers. They love us that much. This is why zap it is extremely helpful to me. We utilized to get scars since of consistent scratching. After zapping each bite 5 times, we will not get the desire to scratch it once again. Lovely.

This assists take your mind off of a bug bite itch. Quickly connected to your essential ring for constant schedule.

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