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ZEA Facial Wipes – Infused With Rose Hip Essential Oil

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ZEA Facial Wipes – Infused With Rose Hip Essential Oil.

  • Paraben Free and AlcoholFree Developed to be Gentle on Skin and Eye Location.
  • Infused With Rose Hip Essential Oil Loaded with Anti-oxidants and Vitamins.
  • Elegant Wipe That Cleans and Restores with No Heavy Residue. No Requirement to Rinse after Utilizing.
  • Natural Oils and Moisturizers Help Your Skin Feel Just Radiant.
  • Great for travel and trips

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More Info:

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Size: Pack of 50|Design Call: Separately Covered Wipes WHERE ZEA ORIGINATES FROM. ZEA is born out of the desire to develop skincare products that support and cleanse, mixing natural oils with ingenious skin cleansing solutions to form the ideal buddy for daily renewal. ZEA thinks that radiant skin and a strong smile start with clever, quality skincare choices, so we have made it our objective to offer you simply that. With one- action use and gentle cleansing, ZEA leaves you feeling revitalized and positive, ready to step out and dominate the world. Self- care must be easy and hassle-free so you can delight in an active, lively way of life. Be well and live passionately; ZEA desires you pleased, simply as much as you do. ZEA: for a radiant outlook on life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ZEA Facial Wipes – Infused With Rose Hip Essential Oil.

Question Question 1

We Have Oily And Prone To Breakouts Skin, Uncertain Wheather We Shoud Attempt Or Not?

They are not excessively oily, however eliminate makeup & mascara effectively. we have not had any issues with skin breakouts, the towelettes appear comprehensive to clean any oil recurring. Hope that assists.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Packs Do You Get Per Order?

You will get 10 packs.You will love them.They are excellent for on the go.

Question Question 3

What Is The Measurement Of The Person Clean?

It’s 6″X7″ Perfect size in our opinion.Let us understand what you think.ZÉA Wipes

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ZEA Facial Wipes – Infused With Rose Hip Essential Oil, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We were worried after all the negailtive evaluations, however my own got here and they we most, and smelled good (like rose hips). Got these for a journey to europe, they are ideal.

We have sensitive skin and have been having trouble finding products we can use on our face for makeup or makeup remover. These work well and in the private bundles remain good and moist for a minimum of 3 months (for how long it took for us to use all of mine). We only use eye liner and mascara since of our sensitive skin, however these can remove both quite quickly. We do not need to scrub at all and they leave our skin sensation fresh and clean. They do not leave an oily residue and they are not extremely aromatic which we value. The factor we offer these a 4 rather of a 5 is because of the product packaging. After doing some research it appeared like the private product packaging lasts longer than those in the resealable bundles however we dislike having all the waste from each private plan. All in all, we like this product and will likely buy them once again.

We liked them. First off they are so cute. The little packages are so cute we kept 12 little packages in our bag and the design is so cute. And yes they do work. It got the job done. All our makeup is pricey and this took it off.

They work excellent. We do not typically buy comprise wipes, typically simply the remover to be utilized with cotton balls, however we chose to attempt it them this time. We love the odor. They do not smell too strong, however make us feel fresh when we are ended up. The private product packaging indicates we can toss a few in our fitness center bag rather of needing to bring them all. We are fan. Thanks.

We got these to enter our bridesmaid presents, and then we kept some also. We like them a fair bit. They work well and do not aggravate our skin at all. More pricey than simply getting a cleanser, however these private wipes are excellent for travel.

We purchased these to consist of in our present bags for a bachelorette celebration we were hosting, and all of the visitors liked them. We have been utilizing the remaining ones for travel, our handbag, fitness center bag, and so on. They are so helpful.

Functions well smells excellent.

Odor, size, discussion, simply lovely. Love them.

They smell good, worked good and was gentle on our skin.

Exceptional and hassle-free product. Perfect for travel.


They were a cute addition to the bachelorette celebration favor bags we made. Kept some for taking a trip also. Extremely delighted.

Bought these for a bachelorette celebration and the women liked them. The bundles were so cute too.

Can t go anywhere without them. They make your face feel smooth and clean with each use. Certainly it extreme on the face. Love them.

Yes ideal for our airbnb.

We purchased this product since it’s apparently ruthlessness- free. Nevertheless, it is made in china, which we had not seen. If you’re attempting to keep it regional, that might be a problem for you. The wipes themselves work, the right level of moist– not drippy, however simply damp adequate to do the task. They’re a good size too, and by moving the clean tactically, we have the ability to cover our whole face and neck with a single fabric. Some wipes strip all the natural oils, which was fine when we were a teen, however these wipes do not dry out our face. All good. Although the wipes do not consist of alcohol or parabens (yay) the active ingredient list is a genuine array of chemical substances, starting with cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone that boosts product slip however does not help your skin. Rosehip oil is active ingredient # 8, and please note that it is made from seeds, not petals, so it’s not going to smell like much of anything other than oil. Do Not buy this product looking for scented happiness. The (inefficient) product packaging indicates that we will most likely conserve these for travel. We may think about rebuying this if it was available in a bottle, however these wipes seem zea’s one and only product. That stated, this single plan of wipes will last us a while, and in spite of the cautions above, we choose them to comparable products in our travel kit.

Depending Upon what you’re wiping your face, these might or might not work for you. Right now it’s summer season time so we are using a much lighter makeup that comes off quite quickly with these wipes. And we are not utilizing a waterproof mascara or eye liner. So all our makeup rubs out with these quickly. Our colorstay structure does not come off as quickly withthese However for that makeup we often require to use something much more powerful anyhow. And if you’re simply cleaning your face clean of oils and dirt (no makeup) these work incredibly. So it depends upon what you’re utilizing themfor We simulate how well they work and that you get a big pack of them with your order. Typically packs of wipes appear to be big on the product packaging however skimp on the variety of wipes. However with this you get a great deal of them, and at a good cost. So that integrated with how well they work wiping our makeup, we are extremely delighted with them.

We like taking these wipes with us on work journeys when we wear t have our normal makeup remover with me. We unfold one clean and clean our face all over with one side. This removes a bulk of our structure and other makeup. We then take the opposite and cleanse our face once again – getting any missed out on or remaining residue. We rinse our face with a clean warm washcloth at the end even if we like an entirely clean face. This leaves our face revitalized, spick-and-span and not too dry.

These wipes do what they are expected to do. We specifically like the reality that they are devoid of a great deal of extreme chemicals. They appear to be gentle adequate for our sensitive skin.

Fantastic product. We have extremely sensitive skin and every product we have attempted to cleanse our skin has left our face entirely red and blotchy. These wipes are soothing and clean extremely perfectly. We have simply put another order. Great to handle a journey as they are packaged separately. Thank you for producing such a fantastic cleanser.

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