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  • 2-Piece bundle Pack including a 70- count bottle of Zyrtec 24 Hour allergy Relief Tablets and a.47- Fluid ounce Benadryl extra-strength itch relief adhere to help accommodate all of your allergy requirements
  • Prescription-strength Zyrtec Allergy medicine begins operating at hour 1 and remains strong to ease indoor and outdoor allergy signs such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and itchy nose and throat
  • Easy- to-apply Benadryl itch relief stick starts to deal with contact and can be used straight to insect and mosquito bites, sunburn, scrapes, minor skin inflammations, minor burns and minor cuts to ease involved pain and itch
  • Developed with effective ingredients, the allergy tablets Contain 10 mg of the antihistamine cetirizine per tablet and the itch relief stick contains diphenhydramine HCl, a topical analgesic along with the skin protectant zinc acetate
  • With tablets appropriate for ages 6 and up and the stick appropriate for ages 2 and up, This allergy, itch and pain relieving bundle Pack is terrific to cram in your outdoor camping materials or handle the go for any outdoor activity

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Ease your worst allergy signs and reward pain and itching on the go with this bundle Pack including Zyrtec Allergy Relief Tablets and the Benadryl itch relief stick. With 10 milligrams of cetirizine hcl per tablet, the prescription-strength allergy medicine supplies 24 hours of remedy for common signs of hay fever and other upper breathing allergic reactions, consisting of runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and itching of the nose or throat. The itch relief stick starts to deal with contact to momentarily ease the pain and itching associated with insect bites, sunburn, scrapes, and minor skin inflammations, burns, and cuts. Each tablet of the 24- hour allergy relief medicine begins operating at hour one and works two times as hard when you take it once again The next day and appropriates for those ages 6 and older. Developed with diphenhydramine HCl and zinc Acetate, the easy-to-apply itch relief stick can be used straight to insect and mosquito bites and is meant for ages 2 and up.

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Thanks a lot. Zyrtec is the only thing for our allergic reactions. This season is going to be bad in nc this year. It’s currently the worst state for allergic reactions. Excellent cost for the amount & a present of benadryl itch relief stick (something we require when those dreadful misquitos begin to bite) thank you amazon for getting it to us earlier than we anticipated. Excellent work throughout such unusual time im all our lives.

Some members of our family like zyrtec and some like sutafed. We do not believe one is better than the other, as we alternate every 2 weeks in between them so our body does not get utilized to it. We like the zyrtec for runny nose and sneezing, while the other assists better with our decongestion. In general, we like zyrtec as our releif.

Functions as it should.

Family preferred for allergic reactions. Grateful to be able to buy on line rathr than enter into a store today. Thank you.

For the quality and amount.

Thank you a lot.

Good products.

Good product ever.

We purchased this to manage our bad allergy throughout this difficult time. Precisely what it states and it even got here 2 days early. Thank you a lot.

Looks good thank you.

When we were a kid, benadryl needed a composed rx from a bonafide physician. It was long-lasting, basic pharmaceutical for a variety of first aid, consisting of all sorts of allergic reactionsour mama utilized benadryl for her yearly bout with hay-fever, to ameliorate those annoying allergy signs. And we had it on standby for dealing with extrapyramidal syndrome, need to that ever turn up in our life(. ). However whenever we took benadryl, we got drowsy as hell; and that was constantly the issue. Get in zyrtec– to change benadryl for the majority of its applications, however without that accompanying dose of drowsiness. If we ever get some extra time, we will check out whether they need to be marketing a zyrtec stick rather than a benadryl stick; it would simply make for much easier marketing, unless for some factor zyrtec might never ever achieve success in a topical application. Stay tuned. For treatment of common rashes and comparable allergies, zyrtec is the new go to treatment.

A runny nose and sneezing appear to be the book allergy signs. However those that suffer with allergic reactions tend to have many more signs. Itchy, watery eyes, inflamed nose, and itchy skin simply to call afew We have actually attempted other allergy medications and they do definitely zero for itchy, allergic, eczema skin. Zyrtec to the rescue. Not only is our kid’s skin less eczema covered however it is less conscious everything it touches. We are extremely grateful his specialist recommended zyrtec. These tablets are small and easy for even kids (of the recommended age) to find out to swallow. It likewise comes with a practical, easy to use, and even much easier to bring with you, bottle of topical benedryl, best for styles or bug bites this summertime. We will caution that some people are sensitive to benedryl so can not take it since it makes us itchmore For the remainder of the home though benedryl works rapidly to stop the itch.

According to the bottle obviously zyrtec utilized to be by prescription, however is obviously safe adequate to be otc today. It does work. We have some partly clogged up sinuses and it turns us into a mouth breather which is bad when utilizing our bipap device for sleep apnea. The result lasts a full 24 hours and we can nose breath so we do not get dry mouth when sleeping. The bundle includes a benadryl itch relief stick and we can use that on our arms and hands. It’s not actually triggered by hay fever, however we in some cases get a heat rash their, and this assists without scratching and making our skin bleed. We have edema also so if we do not take our water pill, we begin scratching our legs up until they bleed, so if we are late a little benadryl assists us withstand the itch. Recommended.

Hey there spring. Pollen season has actually begun. If you reside in the south, you are utilized to the yellow pollen covering whatever and making you appear like you have the flu. Runny nose and sneezing it the worst. We love this double pack, it offers you allergy medicine and an itch stick for bug bites. The zyrtec works effectively, we take it every day and it significantly reduces the impacts of our allergic reactions. The benadryl stick is likewise extremely handy and ruins the desire to itch the bug bites.

This evaluation is for zyrtec allergy relief tablets 70 ct & benadryl itch relief stick, bundle pack, 2 products. Allergy season is simply beginning in our location and the pollen will remain in full speed prior to you understand it. This is a fantastic bundle to have. We require the zyrtec to survive our day and it actually assists. The benadryl itch relief stick is a lifesaver once the summertime comes and it is mosquito season. We like to keep it in our handbag simply in case we require. This is a fantastic bundle for both.

This is a good mix if you require both a way to deal with the nasal signs of your allergic reactions, and a way to deal with regional allergies to insect bites (something you need to have in your emergency treatment kit). No pests have actually bitten us just recently, and aren’t most likely to up until spring advances, however the zyrtec is doing a fantastic task for our nose and sinuses, and our throat isn’t itchy. Thank you quite for reading our evaluation. If it was handy, please click the button below.

This is a pack of 2 advantages – if you require require both, we would advise it a lot. Zyrtec is a fantastic antihistamine, so if you have allergic reactions or other blockage, we believe it’s certainly worth a shot. This pack has 70 tablets, each good for 24 hours for age 6 or up. The pack likewise comes with a antihistamine stick for bites, so it’s a double barrelled antihistimine pack. As we stated, recommended if you require both and get a good cost.

After heavy rain in socal our allergy began to break down in the early morning. These came right in time. Took one and within 20 minutes or two our sneezing, itching eyes and nose stopped. We like how the pill has an imprint right in the center so for days with less pollen we can cut the 10 mg into 2 5mg dose. The bundle likewise came with benadryl itching stick which best for poison oak and mosquito bites.

If taken first indication, will heal you overnightfor those who let it stay a bit and attempt to let your body immune system fight it off; might take number of days to fully heal. Among the very best allergy medicine we have triedhave not attempted the benadryl itch relief stick yet as the chance has actually not provided itself yet; however when it does we will upgrade this evaluation.

Even in the middle of this covid-19 problem, seasonal allergic reactions are still torturing me. The yearly pine pollen swarm is upon us and that indicates itchy eyes, sneezing and post nasal drip. Zyrtec does help and one pill lasts quite near 24 hours for us. It eases the eye itching and the sneezing considerably for us.

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